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We can coach you to make long-lasting changes and reach a higher level of wellness
We'll help you develop your wellness vision, aligning what's most important to you with your wellness goals
We can help you decide whether a wellness coach is what you need

WellCoaching Packages

Here are my coaching packages and fees:

Annual wellness planning session (60-90 minute session) and 3 quarterly check-ins = 2.5-3 hours

Annual program - annual wellness planning session and quarterly 40 minute sessions to review and update three month goals = 3.5 hours  

Three Month Program - 60- 90-minute first coaching session and 3 monthly 30-45 minute sessions = 3 hours

Three Month Program - 60-90-minute wellness planning session and 5 biweekly 30-45 minute sessions = 4.5 hours

Three Month Program - 60-90-minute first coaching session and 8 weekly 30-45 minute sessions = 6 hours

Six Month-One Year Programs are also available at Discounted Rates

NOTE: The wellness planning session includes the discussion of your Well-Being Assessment and I will write up your Wellness Plan after the session.

WellCoaching Fees

I will pay for long-distance telephone charges

$100 for the annual 60-90 minute wellness planning session

$60 for 40 minute sessions (weekly, biweekly, monthly, or quarterly)

$75 for 60 minute sessions (weekly, biweekly, monthly, or quarterly)

Team up with my husband and Registered Dietitian/Personal Trainer, Noah from BIGTIME RESULTS and get Discounted Rates

Personal Training/WellCoaching Program- 10 Training Sessions with 3-month WellCoaching Package- 10% off WellCoaching

Programs can be tailored to your needs, including many options for Personal Training

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