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We can coach you to make long-lasting changes and reach a higher level of wellness
We'll help you develop your wellness vision, aligning what's most important to you with your wellness goals
We can help you decide whether a wellness coach is what you need

What is WellCoaching? Noah and Alyea Alldredge

What does better wellness look like for you?

wellness (wel'nes): Optimal physical and mental health

coach (kohch): Your partner in reaching peak wellness

  • Calm and balanced under stress
  • Positive and optimistic state of mind
  • Fully engaged and satisfied with life
  • Fit and strong
  • At your ideal weight
  • Healthy eating
  • High energy
  • Robust health

It's no surprise that optimal physical and mental health is the foundation of life at your best - at home and work. However, this is a life skill that we often don't get to learn. The demands of everyday life have never been greater. The bewildering array of wellness guidelines, products, and services makes it difficult to create a personal formula. And making change that lasts is hard.

As your wellness coach, I will energize your commitment and steps toward living your life with high energy, clear focus, and a positive and confident outlook.

Coaches don't make it easy by giving the answers. Rather, we are skilled partners; we join with you in creating an inspiring vision together with a pragmatic plan to get closer to that vision. In the process, we dig out your strengths and insights from life's clutter.

Coaching is your solution. I can help you reach wellness goals you are struggling to reach alone.